Milk Rose Chocolate Bar 75g



Treat someone (or yourself) to our new hush chocolate bars. Created, not only to satisfy a sweet tooth, but also for the beautifully illustrated packaging. These stylish treats make gorgeous gifts for any time of year. Contains 32% minimum cocoa solids, 21% minimum milk solids. Suitable for vegetarians.

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"This is delicious! I love 'old lady' scents - rose, lavender and such - and finding this made my day. The flavour is beautiful and the chocolate is very smooth in texture, almost like a Belgian chocolate. One small 'problem' is that the shape of the squares don't break evenly so I have to eat big chunks of it at a time! Perfect as a gift (for me?!) and will definitely be buying more. x"

Posted by Arthur's Momma  /  12th May 2016

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"Delicious & lovely freebie with my first ever hush order..... which I love! If you could start doing a mint one too that would be amazing ;-)"

Posted by Mary-Anne  /  1st May 2016


"Hi Mary-Anne. We're tasting new flavours at the moment, so we'll bear that in mind. Kind regards, The hush team x "

Posted by hush  /  6th May 2016

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"This was gorgeous! I feel like a want to buy one with every order now although it is pricey for the size."

Posted by Stacey  /  14th April 2016

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"LUSH HUSH! This was delicious - great for a pressie!"

Posted by Zoe  /  13th March 2016

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"Amazing flavour. I will definitely buy this again although it is a little pricey!"

Posted by T  /  9th January 2016