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40 Winks

We sponsored the Most Glamorous Nightie award at a special St Patrick's Day Bedtime Stories at 40 Winks last night.

And Catherine from our office was there to present the award (a £200 hush voucher) to the wearer of a vintage nightie sent over from Finland.

40 Winks is one of those well-kept secrets beloved of the magazines.

It has been billed as "the most beautiful small hotel in the world" by German Vogue - and every month for the past couple of years they hold a bedtime story night.

Entry is strictly limited to guests in pyjamas or nighties - which was not a problem for our girls given where they work.

However, in order to gain admittance last night they were also expected to provide a witty answer to the question: "If I could kiss anyone in the world it would be..."

We're still trying to work out how Stephanie's answer - Colin from Sara Teasdale's poem The Look - didn't win...

"Stephen kissed me in the spring/Robin in the fall,
But Colin only looked at me/And never kissed at all."

"Stephen’s kiss was lost in jest/Robin’s lost in play,
"But the kiss in Colin’s eyes/Haunts me night and day."

But perhaps you can do better...

Click here to send us your answer to "If I could kiss anyone in the world it would be..."