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A Modernist Masterpiece in Devon

“Driving up to view Kaywana Hall on a wet February afternoon over seven years ago was the start of a long journey,” recall Tony Pithers and Gordon Craig, owners of this iconic 60’s ‘butterfly’ house. At a time when they were looking to escape the pressure of London to a more relaxed life in the country, they knew before they had even stepped inside that this was a very special place.

The house, set deep in the South Devon countryside, was built in 1962 by local architect Mervyn Seal, who loved showing off this glass-covered, Californian-styled pad. So unusual was the design,  that coaches would stop on the main road to view the house, which appeared to be flying amid the trees with no visible means of support (albeit supported by three concrete pillars).

Years later and when demolition seemed like the only option, a chance article in the Sunday Times led the couple to young Devon Architect Stan Bolt, who suggested stripping the building back to its foundations, keeping the retro carport, fish-bone staircases and wing-like roof. All later additions have since been stripped away and the original design updated for the 21st century, so what you see today is a 60s house remodelled.

Tony and Gordon live in the main house, but blended into the original architectural geometry and carefully positioned to look out over the surrounding 12 acres of woodland, are three self-contained guest suites. Taking in the serene lines and gorgeous setting, guests may not want to leave... but the house is only a few minutes away from Dartmouth, so a trip to a local restaurant for some seafood is a must.

Tucked into unassuming hills, Kaywana Hall is a triumph of form and function, championing carefully considered hospitality while still maintaining its majestic and unmistakable Modernist heart.

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