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A relaxing renovation in the heart of Girona

This stunning building sits right at the heart of ancient walled Girona, and for Architect Anna Noguera and partner Juan-Manuel Ribera, it was the obvious place to construct a relaxing weekend retreat from Barcelona. The aim was to create a contemporary space that resonated with their minimalist style but maintained a dialogue with the building’s history. The resulting five bedroom residence – which they now let to visitors as two separate living spaces or one apartment – is as special as that would suggest.

As you approach amid the labyrinthine streets and terracotta roofs of historic Girona, the building comes into view, in the shadow of the city’s magnificent cathedral. Each space has its own unique charm – views of the narrow Moorish streets of the Jewish quarter from one, and a freshwater pool in the other – but both share the same impressive architectural features.

“Anna worked with natural light and the combination of essential materials like stone, wood, iron and concrete” recalls husband and co-owner Juan. Original features are complemented by minimalistic and supremely stylish interiors. A feeling of calm seeps into the house, where curved lamps, Eames chairs, exposed stone walls and soft lighting all provide warmth and gentle lines within the geometric fabric of the building. 

As an unlikely fusion of old and new, this unique project feels surprisingly harmonious. That being said, Girona itself is a fine example of reinterpreting the old through the new, with dazzling architecture and cultural landmarks juxtaposed with a vibrant shopping quarter and world-renowned restaurants. Conceived as a means of providing an escape from busy city living, it’s no wonder that this home’s owners always have a queue of visitors waiting for their chance to come and stay...

Apartments from £167 per night. Book through i-escape to receive a complimentary bottle of wine during your stay,