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A Single Father

Sunday nights are perfect TV-watching nights, which is no doubt why all the channels go to so much trouble to find the right drama to tempt the sofa-bound public. But do they all have to choose exactly the same slot?

At 9pm last night, we had A Single Father on BBC1, Downton Abbey on ITV1 and the first episode of Thorne (starring the excellent David Morrissey) on Sky 1, all of which calls for greater skills on the Sky+ than I possess.

So we sat down to watch A Single Father, taped Thorne and gave Downton Abbey a miss on the grounds that we hadn’t seen the first episode.

Right choice? I was a bit sceptical when my husband announced that we were going to watch a drama about a guy who is left to bring up four kids when his wife dies and who then falls in love with her best friend.

But it is a strong story – the grief is not overplayed, indeed at times in the immediate aftermath of the wife’s death (knocked off her bike by a police car) it felt too repressed and the relationship with the best friend feels about right.

The acting, with David Tennant as the father, Suranne Jones as the friend and the children being children in that way they have that can undercut even the most emotional situation, is excellent.

Time, however, will tell as this is only the first episode of four and there is sure to be much soul-searching in the weeks to come…