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After The Wedding

The opening scene of After The Wedding features the hero saying goodbye to the little kids in the Indian orphanage he runs as he prepares to fly back to Denmark to meet a potential donor.

It is all spoken in English – and so after a few minutes I turned to my husband and asked him to get rid of the annoying subtitles.

Now, I don't know what your Danish is like, but mine isn't so flash and a couple of minutes later as the plane touched down in Copenhagen it became quite clear that a familiarity with that language was a must.

Either that or subtitles, so I shamefacedly had to admit that they hadn't been so annoying after all and he who hogs the remote control might want to turn them on again.

And just as well because – for reasons that are central to the plot - the hero (Jacob) doesn't return to India within a few days as he had promised (in English!) in that opening scene.

Instead, he meets up with a successful Danish businessman called Jorgen who offers to make a $4 million donation to the orphanage on a couple of conditions – one of which is that Jacob attends his daughter's wedding.

The reason soon becomes clear, but I won't say any more because this is a film you really, really, really ought to see yourself.

(It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film last year, but was beaten by another exceptional film, The Lives Of Others, which featured in a newsletter earlier this year.)

Of course I didn't know that at the time, otherwise I might have realised about the subtitles!

In fact, I would probably never have even come across the DVD had Pia (our beautiful model) not raved about it on the shoot.

I owe her a very big thank you.