Don't miss


No, not the drink, although with the horrible weather we've been having recently you could be forgiven with pouring yourself something large and anaesthetic.

The Baileys I'm talking about is a mail-order company selling recycled and eco-friendly products for home and garden.

A lot of the props I had at my Spirit of Christmas stall, for instance, were from there - the shoe trolley, step ladder and apple ladder (which is now doing a great job at home accessing the top of our bookshelves).

The people behind the company were originally antique dealers, but many of the items they have created as new from recycled or reclaimed wood.

They've got really interesting old-fashiony stuff for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as great garden furniture and vintage gardening tools.

They also sell a few things that I think would make great presents for kids. There's a beautiful wooden skittle set, a xylophone and - if you're buying for someone else's kids - a mini band set (pictured).

You know kids of a certain age will love it, just as you know their parents will never speak to you again!