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You wouldn't have thought it would be hard to find a good bath towel, but from experience I can assure you that it's no easy matter.

I bought one recently from a well-known mail order company and, while it looked fantastic, it failed in a towel's primary purpose - namely, to make me dry after my shower.

It has since been relieved of its duties and now fulfils a purely ceremonial role in our bathroom.

And it has been replaced by a set of Anatolia towels from Balineum - a company set up by fellow Australian Sarah Watson last year to sell bath towels, bath mats and shower curtains.

Not having tried all the competition, I can't comment on its billing as "Europe's finest towel", but I am thrilled with it - it's big, heavy, soft and it does its job perfectly.

(It also comes in an attractive range of colours, proving that you can look good and be good at your job.)

In fact, for a few pleasurable minutes after your shower you can easily imagine that you're staying in a five-star hotel.

Sadly, the illusion doesn't survive the trip downstairs, where I have to make my own (and my children's) breakfast...