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Becky Shaw

Among our unkept New Year’s Resolutions every year is one to make more of the city in which we live – to go to more plays, concerts, shows etc., to visit places we have never been, to experience things we haven’t experienced.

After all, there are plenty of things not to like about London, but you could never complain there is a lack of things going on.

However, this resolution never normally survives our first outing – a couple of years ago we took a couple of friends to Sadler’s Wells to a ballet of Hamlet transported to Nazi Germany and they retaliated the next year with a Chinese piano recital.

But this year it looks as if our early-year cultural enthusiasm will last at least into March because we went to see a play last night and enjoyed ourselves so much that I’m already scanning the pages of Time Out for our next outing.

The play in question was Becky Shaw, an off-Broadway hit that is playing at the Almeida in Islington until March 5th.

It has something of the American sit-com about it – the situation being that a married couple arrange a blind date that goes so disastrously wrong that it pretty well finishes off their marriage, the com being that it is genuinely very funny.

I am an inveterate match-maker myself, but thankfully still a married one, probably because I have never tried to pair off a super-cynical half-brother my husband doesn’t know I’ve slept with and a neurotic work colleague of my spouse!

I don’t know how many tickets there are left – we got the cheapest ‘restricted view’ tickets in the house last night because they were all that was left, but it certainly didn’t stop us from enjoying the performance immensely.

I just hope we can say the same for the Tibetan choral music…

Click here to visit the Almedia website to book tickets