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Bleak House

I have to admit that, unlike my husband, I haven’t got the patience to read a Charles Dickens book from cover to cover, but I normally really enjoy the film and TV adaptations.

And the recent Bleak House series on the BBC was up there with the very best – even if it was nearly impossible to make sure you were at home at the right time to catch all 13 episodes.

The good news is that it’s now out on DVD, so we can all can watch (or rewatch) it at our leisure.

Don’t be put off by memories of having to study Dickens at school – it’s a gripping story with the usual wonderful characters played by some top actors, many of whom you’ll recognise.

Gillian Anderson (X-Files’ Agent Scully) is up for a Bafta for her portrayal of Lady Dedlock, Charles Dance was a thoroughly evil Mr Tulkinghorn, while Johnny Vegas was magnificent as the drunken shopkeeper Krook.

Perfect Sunday evening viewing.