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Bobble bottles

If you think persuading people to pay good money for bottled water was one of the great marketing scams of the late 20th Century, then asking people to spend ten pounds on a water bottle sounds like it should come a pretty close second.

But there are actually a number of very good reasons to invest in a Bobble bottle.

First and foremost, they look great – and I confess that alone was enough to persuade me to get one for my desk at work, and one for the bedside of each of my children.

I am a sucker for good design and I have to confess in most cases I don’t concern myself too much with details like whether it works or not.

But happily the Bobble bottle does more than just look good. Its stopper – available in a choice of five colours – is actually a filter which removes contaminants from tap water as you drink it.

You have to replace the stopper/filter every couple of months (at a cost of about £7), but that’s small beer compared with what you can save by foregoing bottled water.

And think of what you can do to help the planet – bottled water is an environmental disaster and it is claimed every filter can save 300 plastic bottles from ending up on a landfill site.

Not only that but the Bobble bottle is made of recycled plastic and – if this means anything to you – it’s BPA free.

Anyway, that’s enough of the sales talk. As I said, I was sold on ‘it looks good’ - but I thought I’d better give you the whole picture in case you’re of a more utilitarian mindset than me.