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Breads etcetera

I’ve been moaning for ages that there isn’t a decent bakery near us. In fact, I’ve been complaining that there doesn’t really seem to be that many decent bakeries in the UK as a whole.

In France, of course, it’s almost the law that there’s a boulangerie on every street, but even back home in Australia we now have dozens of great shops selling lots of different types of bread.

Anyway, the good news is that someone seems to have been listening as a new shop has opened up in the front of a closed down restaurant selling great bread.

The breads are from a bakery called breads etcetera, which I see from their website is based in London and stocks a lot of shops and restaurants around the capital. It’s well worth a try.

The only problem is now I’m going to need something new to whinge about. How about the weather?