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British Military Fitness

If (like me) you ate too many Easter eggs and are now wishing that the Easter bunny had brought you sticks of celery rather than great big boulders of chocolate, then it’s time to put on the runners and enlist in some serious shaping up soldier style.

British Military Fitness is a great way to shed those unwanted pounds and get fit without having to go near a gym or buy a copy of Geri Halliwell’s latest video – a bit like having your very own personal trainer (all dressed up in military uniform to boot).

The hour-long classes are all held outside (whatever the weather!) in parks in 13 cities dotted across the UK, and the first class is free, so if you want to desert after just one lesson, you’re no worse off.

There are three levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – and the emphasis is on teamwork, motivation and fun.

If nothing else, it’s a good excuse to get out of the house and meet some new people. BMF even claims to have played cupid to five couples who got married after meeting in the mud – which is more than Blind Date ever managed.