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Have a Butcher's

I have just got back from shooting our winter catalogue in Australia – exhausted, very overexcited to see my children after 10 days away and (unusually for me) really, really happy with the way the shoot went.

I will post some preview shots on the blog (and on our Facebook page) over the next few weeks, but before then I wanted to share with you one of the amazing places I went to in Sydney - a butcher’s shop.

Yes, my thought exactly when the girlfriend I was staying with told me where she was going to take me – how good could a butcher’s shop really be? After all, we live just round the corner from Moen’s, one of London’s best butcher’s.

But think again – this is amazing. Victor Churchill is butchery as theatre. Food as a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. It is an experience as much as a shop. And it is (as my girlfriend well knew) the kind of place which inspires me to look at everything we do and ask how we can do it better.

The pictures below don’t really do it justice, but then it is really hard to capture something as three-dimensional as this in a two-dimensional format.