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Capri watches

The first present I ever bought my then boyfriend/now husband was a watch.

It was our very first Christmas together and I reckoned that if the relationship was to have a future he couldn't keep on wearing something that looked like it had fallen out of a showbag.

He obviously had a slightly different view of the future as he ended up getting me...precisely nothing!

In his defence, he has subsequently bought me a watch and it's the best of the very few presents he's ever given me. I absolutely adore it.

Indeed, the only time I ever take it off is in summer for this Capri watch (see left) that I came across last year in a shop near home.

I wasn't looking to buy a watch, but I noticed it on the wrist of the shop assistant and liked it so much that I bought one then and there.

Funnily enough, a woman in the shop at the time overheard me admiring it and she also ended up buying one - a fantastic endorsement for wearing your own product.

There's nothing very flash about it, but that's actually what makes it such a great summer watch.

It's light, bright (in a range of different colours) and at a price where you don't spend every second worrying about damaging it.