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Choi Time

I'm not ordinarily a great tea drinker, but there is tea and there is tea - and believe me when I say that Choi Time is as far removed from PG Tips as you can get.

In fact, it turns the simple act of making a cup of tea into minor theatre, such that my two-year-old daughter stands transfixed as she watches the bulb of the Thousand Year Red Flowers gradually open as you immerse it in boiling water.

Melissa Choi, owner of Choi Time, is actually the sister of a friend of mine from Hong Kong - both daughters of a Chinese father and an Australian mother..

And it is this Chinese heritage that is behind the fascination with tea..
"My Chinese grandmother taught me that not only is tea delicious, but it's also good for the skin and health," she says.

It is also this Chinese connection that allows her to source the best teas, with her dad negotiating with the suppliers and her stepmum helping her choose the teas from the fields in the province where she grew up.

And it's not just the tea that's beautiful. So's the packaging, which makes Choi Time tea a great Christmas present.

Especially when you hear it's also a great hangover cure...