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Dates with a difference

Whether the dawn of the Valentine month has awakened the hopeless romantic in you, or your last surprise date involved Kettle Chips and Come Dine with Me, up the amorous ante with some off-the-beaten-track date ideas designed to inject some passionate fervour into your February.    


DINING IN THE DARK – Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Blind Date’, London’s Dans le Noir restaurant invites diners to heighten their senses and eat in pitch black darkness.  Without prior knowledge of the menu, guests allow their palates to guide their experience on an array of eclectic flavours and textures.   Pre-dinner, relax in the lit bar and lounge for a surprise cocktail appetiser and the chance to assure your partner that your choice of date is not a comment on their aesthetic appeal.

CHOCOLATE BOUTIQUE HOTEL:  If your loved one has enough of a sweet tooth to give Willy Wonka a run for his money, head to Bournemouth‘s Chocolate Boutique Hotel.   Chocolate workshops, chocolate cocktails, cascading chocolate fountains and chocolate themed rooms; there is no better way to revel in the world’s most popular aphrodisiac, (even if the romance is slightly hampered by a subsequent couples trip to the dentist).      

What to wear:

Clockwise from top left: Stripe Boat Neck JumperCoated SkirtJalouse BootsSuper Matt TightsFNUG nail polish.

WINTER PICNIC:  If your wallet is still light as a feather following the Xmas plunder, a winter picnic provokes passion without pinching the pounds.  Unroll a warm blanket, ditch the plastic forks for silver cutlery and real plates, unveil a rich bottle of Chianti and invest in simple, yet elegant foods (the romantic spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp cannot be successfully re-enacted with Peperami).  Prosciutto wrapped melon, a thermos of heart-warming steak goulash, and fresh summer fruits with caramel dipping sauce are great choices for an al fresco dining escape.

CHAMPAGNE HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE – Have the romance riding high by soaring over the English countryside on an aviation expedition. Grab a pair of binoculars, and head to the West Country for First Flight’s hour long glide. Choose a sprightly sunrise departure, or take off into the sunset for an early evening adventure with a qualified pilot.  Enjoy bubbles, breathtaking views and a sky high experience; just arrive, inflate, climb in your carriage and be gone with the wind.    

CLASSIC CAR RALLY – Get your special day on the right track with an experience that puts your loved one behind the wheel of a classic car.  Leicestershire based Great Escape Cars offers six vintage models to choose from, six laps on which to burn rubber, and a custom built track.  There is no better arena to feel the wind in your hair, giving you and any thrill seeking partner the ride of your lives; and if the idea of your other half recklessly racing off with you has you reaching for the passenger seat eject button, rest assured that the first two laps are headed by a qualified instructor.       

What to wear:

Left to right: Trench, Boyfriend Jeans, FNUG nail polish, Summer Cashmere V Jumper.