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My husband very kindly bought me an iPad for Christmas last year.

I told him I didn’t want one or need one, but it turned out I was wrong about the first and probably wrong about the second – and now he complains that I got an iPad and he lost a wife.

It is true that I'm slightly addicted - instead of a good book or a pile of magazines, I can now curl up on the sofa with a whole world of reading material.

Blogs, online versions of print magazines and now purely digital magazines like a couple of my favourites Est and Papier Mache, both of which happen to be Australian and give me a little fix of home every now and then.

People have been predicting the end of print for a long time, but I do think the advent of tablets could drive a very big nail into the coffin of traditional media.

You can read an e-magazine on a tablet in much the same way as you can read a print magazine, but with the added convenience of being able to click on any product or reference that catches your fancy and being taken straight to the relevant website.

You can of course stream audio and video, you will no doubt be able to personalise your magazines in future, content will be linked to your location and plenty of other things we haven’t even thought of yet.

And, I suspect, there will be no subscription fee to pay because the magazines will make their money through other models.

Much as I’d miss the pleasure of a new copy of an Elle Deco or Living etc magazine, it’s a future that I’m looking forward to.

My husband, on the other hand, wistfully remembers a time when I used at least to acknowledge his presence...