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Eat in: Huntsman's Chicken

This indulgent Huntsman’s Chicken recipe is a special weekend treat – whole chicken breasts filled with a shallot and mushroom duxelle, wrapped in sweet cured bacon and served with a red wine and marsala reduction. Watch the how to video here (or enter our competition for the chance to win £150 of hush clothing and £150 of COOK vouchers which you can spend on a ready made Hunstman’s Chicken  – and sit back and relax instead!)


4 medium chicken breasts 

A packet of sweet cured streaky bacon 

4 fresh bay leaves 

For the Duxelle 

1 1Ž2 teaspoons of olive oil 

6 peeled shallots 

Half a packet of chestnut mushrooms 

A sprig of freshly chopped thyme 

A pinch of porcini mushroom (finely chopped or blended) 

Cracked black pepper to taste 

A sprinkling of grated grano padano 

A tablespoon of double cream 

For the sauce 

A small glass of Merlot Wine 

A large glass of Marsala Wine 

2 dried bay leaves 

A sprig of freshly chopped thyme 

7 grams of dried porcini 

1 cube of chicken stock 

3 tablespoons of red currant jelly 

A splash of Marsala wine and sea salt to taste


How to make:

- Start by preparing the Duxelle which we will use to stuff the chicken breasts; begin by mixing the chestnut mushrooms and shallots in a food processor (or finely chopping). 

-Heat the olive oil in a pan and add the shallots with thyme, salt and cracked black pepper to taste. Fry until soft. 

- Add the porcini powder (you can make this by whizzing dried porcini in a coffee grinder) and marsala wine, a cook to sizzle. Once the Duxelle is dry add the cream and grano padano, mix well and cook for a further 2 minutes. The Duxelle should have a gravy-like consistency. Place in a container and leave to chill. 

- To prepare your chicken breasts make an incision with a knife before using your fingers to make wider.  Equally divide the Duxelle, and with a tablespoon (or piping bag if you have one) stuff your chicken breasts. 

-Place a bay leaf on top of each breast and wrap with a piece of streaky sweet cured bacon. 

- Cook the chicken at 220 degrees for 15 minutes, turning the breasts half way through. 

- While the chicken is cooking begin to make your sauce. Mix all of the ingredients together in the pan. Bring up to the boil and simmer until the sauce is reduced to the consistency of gravy. 

- Add water if it begins to get too thick. 

- Add an extra splash of marsala and sea salt to taste. When the chicken is cooked liberally pour the sauce over and serve while hot.