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Elle Country

My husband’s Christmas present to me last year was a dinner party at our house catered for by the brilliant Trinity restaurant at the end of our road, which we had on Tuesday this week to celebrate some great friends who are over from Australia.

First, I should say that the food was absolutely delicious - and what a treat is a dinner party when you don’t have to cook or wash up!

But that’s not why I’m writing (although if you do live in the area I can't recommend it highly enough). It’s actually to say that one of my friends (who obviously knows my tastes very well) brought me a copy of Elle Country magazine – and oh my god! It is absolutely beautiful...

I am from Australia and not a lot of people know this but we are just about the most urbanised country in the world. We talk a lot about the bush, but none of us live there. We all live in five or six cities dotted around the coast.

So when we move over here, for instance, the thought of living in the country tends to scare the hell out of us. Except, of course, if we could live in one of the homes featured in this magazine, whose mission is to bring us pictures of the most beautiful country homes in the world.

It's only on its second edition, but if you this is hardcore interiors porn. Just the most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful houses in the most beautiful surroundings.

Never mind the dinner party. If my husband bought me one of these next Christmas, I'd move in a shot!!