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Fairy lights

When I bought my first house back in Melbourne half a lifetime ago, the very first thing I did was buy a set of fairy lights. For weeks, I didn't have anything to sit on but I could at least admire the olive tree outside decked in beautiful lights.

I'm still a sucker for fairy lights today. My bedroom and my daughter's bedroom are lit by fairy lights all year round, but at this time of year I have the perfect excuse to decorate the rest of the house.

Fairy lights are not only a necessary addition to any Christmas tree, but they are also a great alternative – especially when you have a 21-month-old daughter whose greatest pleasure is “accidentally” knocking the baubles off the tree and onto the floor.

And with companies like Think Gadgets, the selection of lights has never been better. Some are seasonal, some are suitable for the whole of the year – all are guaranteed to make your house look beautiful.

And with Christmas on this side of the world falling in the middle of winter, there's all the more time to sit at home and enjoy them.
After all, there's got to be something positive about it getting dark at four o'clock…