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Father's Day

Father's Day normally goes by without me giving it a second thought. My own dad is on the other side of the world and my husband still hasn't realised that he now qualifies.

But it's just my luck that this weekend it happens to coincide with his 40th birthday, so I'm under a bit of pressure to come up with
at least one present to mark the occasion.

Not an easy task for the man who has everything - beautiful wife etc.!
My subtle hinting - "What the hell do you want?" - has so far not elicited much response, so I've had to do a bit of research of my own. And here are five things I came across in my online travels.

* Learning to fly. It'll get him out of the house for a few hours, maybe even permanently!
* Driving a Ferrari around a Grand Prix circuit. His mid-life crisis over and done with in a day..
* A day at a spa. After all, he really needs a bit more pampering!
* A one day wine-appreciation course. We've moved on from wine boxes and £2.99 Bulgarian Merlot, haven't we?.
* Adopting a penguin. Just because...

The alternative is of course to keep quiet and feign ignorance. After all, it seems to work for them every year...