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After featuring The Hambledon in a previous newsletter, I got an email asking whether I was the same Mandy Watkins who used to work at the mobile phone company 3.

It turned out that - by complete coincidence - I used to work with Phil, who owns the shop with his wife. Well, I also used to work with Harry, one of the co-owners of Firefly .

(I don't know what it was about 3 that encouraged all of us to leave and set up on our own. Maybe it was because, as Harry says on the Firefly website, life is too short for “can't face work today” days – and there were a few of those there!)

Having said all that and given that I'm not really a tea drinker, I'm not sure why I picked Firefly's Green Tea Mint water out of the drinks cabinet at last week's Spirit Of Christmas fair.

I guess I thought that if I was going to spend five days in Olympia I needed to do something healthy.

Anyway, by the end of the fair I had a three-a-day habit. The Green Tea Mint water not only tastes delicious, but it also makes you feel very virtuous.

Now back in Battersea with nothing but a greasy spoon at the end of the street I'm having withdrawals.

So I rang Firefly to find my nearest stockist and was told it would soon be available in several places nearby.

But like a true addict I couldn't wait and found myself placing a bulk order for four boxes.

All for personal use...