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Funkin Juice

It's come to something when you own your own business and you're the only one who works there who hasn't got a sun tan.

In fact, everyone in the hush office seemed to be on holiday for all or part of last week – to the extent that I think I was the only one who turned up to work on all five days.

I therefore felt I deserved a bit of a Friday afternoon treat, which is why I decided to brighten up my week by ordering in some Funkin Juice.

Funkin Juice, for those of you who don't know, advertises itself as the 10-second cocktail – and is essentially a range of ingredients that you can use to mix an almost instant drink.

For instance, I ordered a Bellini mix, a Raspberry Mojito mix and a Passion Fruit Margarita mix, all of which you just add to the relevant alcohol to give you a delicious no fuss cocktail.

It had been that kind of week, so I also ordered some passion fruit and raspberry puree - two of the 24 different flavours (all made from 100% natural ingredients) that you can use to follow the supplied recipes or – if you're feeling more creative - to design your own cocktail.

I should point out that you can also use them to make smoothies or desserts - although I admit that wasn't my intention on this occasion.

Anyway, so much for the intention. What actually happened was there was a Royal Mail strike on the Friday and my Funkin Juice didn't turn up until the Monday.

By which stage I was surrounded by a full complement of relaxed, sun-kissed staff clamouring for an afternoon Bellini.

And I was left cursing my Funkin luck...