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With We Were…Glamping (Glamorous Camping)

It’s camping for people who like the idea of sleeping under canvas, but don’t much like the reality. In short, it’s roughing it without any of the rough – in fact, in many cases with all the luxuries of a spa hotel.

Everywhere, it seems. Websites like have sites around the UK, although the South West and Wales are particularly well represented.

Well, to get close (but not too close) to the nature. Tents, yurts etc. are often equipped with everything from a large double bed to a kitchen and bathroom with hot shower, so a weekend of comfort and indulgence beckons…with a healthy dose of the great outdoors thrown in.

What to bring?
A good book for lazy evenings and a sturdy pair of wellies so you can make the most of the beautiful countryside is probably all you’ll need. You can leave the calor gas stove and torch at home.

Lots of places cater for kids, but it’s not cheap, so save this for a romantic weekend getaway for two.

What to wear?
A weekend spent relaxing, reading, walking and eating has hush written all over it! So take your pick from the new autumn/winter range. A few favourites: bubble stich cardi, harem joggers and fairisle slipper socks.

Image courtesy of the Dapper Camping Club.