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Everyone now knows Katie Holmes as Mrs Tom Cruise, the woman who caused the world's most famous movie star to dance around like a lovestruck teenager on Oprah while she had his baby in Scientology-induced silence.

Before that, some of you may recognise her as the really square one in Dawson 's Creek. (If you haven't ever seen it, they were all really square in Dawson 's Creek – so that doesn't narrow it down much.)

However, she has also done one or two pretty good films, the best of which is Go – a fast-paced and light-hearted thriller about a group of bored teenagers caught up in a drug deal that goes wrong.

It may not be in the same league as Pulp Fiction (which is its obvious inspiration), but it is still very entertaining and has a great ending.

Even the critics liked it, which makes it that much more surprising that it didn't do a whole lot better at the box office.

I'd never heard of it when I stumbled across it at the video store – which makes me think that someone in the marketing department at some studio is the first person in Hollywood history to be guilty of underhyping a film!