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Grey's Anatomy

I try not to watch too much TV because it's very easy to settle down in front of any old rubbish after a hard day at the office, but there are a couple of nights a week when I make sure I'm at home, snuggled up on the sofa in my hush pyjamas.

One is Thursday - because that's the day that Grey's Anatomy is on. The other is Sunday - because that's the day that the repeat of Grey's Anatomy is on.

As you can see, I'm an addict – and have been ever since an American friend introduced me to the programme a year or so ago.

As a medical drama focussing on the lives (and loves) of the doctors and interns of Seattle Grace hospital, it's got a lot in common with ER, except it's not set in the emergency room and it has a lot more edge.

And where ER had George Clooney, Grey's Anatomy has Patrick Dempsey (left) as Dr Derek Shepard - or Dr McDreamy as he is better known to viewers.

Little wonder the show is just about the hottest thing on US TV at the moment – the winner of the Golden Globe for best drama a couple of weeks ago.