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I don't normally need much persuasion to buy chocolate (as regular readers of this newsletter will know), especially when the chocolate comes in the form of the delicious puddings from Gü

Nor do I need a whole lot of arm-twisting to spend a long (and free) weekend on the French Riviera cruising the Mediterranean on a super yacht with three friends.

Put the two together - on top of three months of broken sleep and middle-of-the-night feeds - and you have a combination easily enough to shatter my already fragile willpower.

So it will come as no surprise that I was at the front of the queue to enter Gü 's new summer competition to win what is described as "the most decadent weekend of your lives”.

The winner (i.e. me) will get to experience the champagne lifestyle of the super-rich for four days, being ferried to the south of France by private jet and then helicopter.

The runners-up (i.e. you) will have to make do with Gu hampers, chiller bags and aprons.

To enter, just click on the image to the left and enter your details on the Gü website. You don't even have to buy a pudding, although why you would want to deprive yourself I don't know.