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Have you ever cancelled plans for a night in?

In a survey earlier this year it was found that 36% of Britons would admit to cancelling their plans last minute so they could have a night in. With the nights drawing in and temperatures dropping, the temptation is high. We asked four friends of hush whether they have ever been guilty of 'social gazumping'.

Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour Magazine

"Maybe I just have a VERY understanding set of friends, but it's actually not unheard of for one of us to cancel plans with the other, with no other excuse but the truth: "Um, sorry, but I just REALLY feel like staying in tonight". I think having kids makes you feel less urgent about going out all the time, less panicked about missing out on something. So quite often my perfect night in involves inviting people to come over, order a takeaway and just cocoon, right along with us. Alcohol and indiscreet gossiping mandatory."

Jo's top Hush picks:
Rosie dress - ridiculously comfortable but without that 'yep, I've completely given up on how I look' vibe of a tracksuit!
Bed shorts - they're just so cute
Vintage rose pants set - I'll be honest, this is pretty much my post 7pm uniform a lot of the time.

Hannah Rouch, founder of

"Gone are the days when I would prefer to go out of a night, nowadays I'm such a homebody. I try not to cancel plans, especially when catching up with friends as it takes so long to coordinate diaries. Instead I invite friends over for supper. I can throw on my cashmere comfies, we can relax, catch up and have a giggle. Although saying that - there have been occasions when I have made my excuses...but shhhh...don't tell!

I often use a night in as an opportunity to catch up on all the magazines I’ve been storing up and haven't found time to read yet. Running my own business means it can be hard to find time to sit back, relax and have a little “me time" so when I do have the luxury I do indulge, while watching an Agatha Christie I’ll treat myself to an at home mani/pedi and Moroccon Oil hair mask."

Hannah's top Hush picks:
Cosy Cashmere Laura Jumper, Grey Slim Leg joggers, socks and a slouchy Hush Hoodie - If you throw in an episode of Strictly Come Dancing then you have my Saturday evening!

Vanessa Jackman, photographer and voice behind

"I have definitely been guilty of cancelling dinner plans at the last minute in favour of staying in, especially when I am travelling for the fashion months. While I love discovering new restaurants and eating out when I travel, sometimes there is nothing more wonderful after a long day on my feet hauling my camera around than slipping into my pyjamas and cosying up in my hotel bed at an unreasonably early hour. I love to pop on the TV (cable television, particularly in the US, is highly addictive!) and order in room service - it feels decadent and terribly indulgent! If my hotel room has a view, I love to sit at the window with a glass of red wine and watch the world go by....a city by night, especially New York City, is just magical."

Vanessa's top Hush picks:
Flower Shower Nightshirt - This is so pretty and I could answer the door to room service or housekeeping without having to run around madly trying to find clothes to throw on!
Denim Cable Knit Cardi Coat - I love a cardigan that literally envelopes you and this one is perfect for throwing over a nightshirt or pyjamas if the air conditioning gets too cold (temperature control in hotel rooms is always an issue especially if I am travelling with my husband - he is always too hot and I am always too cold!)
Grey Marl Cable Knit socks - My feet are always cold, no matter how hot it is, so cosy bed socks are essential.

Kate Jenkins, founder of Gower Cottage Brownies

"I have to admit to being a real home body; I love nothing more than a weekend free to spend time at home with no plans.
This may sound odd as I also run my business from home, but it is often so frantic and lots of weekends are spent working away at Food Shows, so it is the ultimate treat for me to be able to spend a quiet Saturday night in and I try to make sure plans are kept to a minimum.
My perfect evening would start early by making sure the log burner is lit, the beauty about living in Wales is you can normally guarantee a rainy day outside!
Luckily for me I have a husband who not only is a great cook, he also finds it relaxing to cook and so I can always expect a lovely meal, I love to nestle down on the sofa, perched in front of some trashy Saturday night telly and just add wine for the ultimate night in."

Kate's top Hush picks:
What I love about the Hush range is not only the quality of their clothes but also how there is the obvious comfort factor, which means I can happily snuggle down on the sofa wearing my favourite jersey pencil skirt (from Summer 2012), teamed with a Long Length Tank under their boxy Dolman Sloppy Joe sweatshirt, am also a sucker for any of their “cwtchy” (this is welsh for cuddle- which I think perfectly sums up the Hush collection) Long Length Cardigans.

Have you ever cancelled plans in favour of a night in?