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Heather B Moore

As most regular newsletter readers will know, my husband is pretty rubbish when it comes to gifts.

I'm still waiting on that little something my friends all seem to have got for carrying their man's child for nine months and giving birth.

Yes, I know my children are supposed to be the greatest gift ever but, when they're teenagers and telling me I make their life miserable, it might be nice to look at something sparkly to remind me it was all worth it.

As with so many occasions (birthdays, Christmas, wedding...), my husband considers the birth gift as optional.

And I had almost given up trying to persuade him otherwise when I came across Heather B Moore jewellery at the weekend in a little shop called Anna in London's Primrose Hill.

It's gorgeous jewellery - way too indulgent for me to buy just because, but a perfect way for him to thank me for giving birth to his children.

The beauty of it is you can build your own charm necklace/ bracelet and have it engraved with the names of your children, your pets, your lovers etc.

Or, as my husband suggested, with the name of your football team and the dates they won premierships on the others. You see what I'm dealing with.

Once in the mood I also found these bangles you can have custom engraved. A much less expensive option and also gorgeous.

Both are American companies so there's a bit of a wait – but I'm good at waiting. My daughter's already four...