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Hot Yoga

I think the recent good weather has awakened in me the frightening realisation that I might have to show off my body on a beach in the not too distant future.

Not wanting to scare the fish - and mindful that it is already April and my New Year’s Resolution (this and every other year) to get into shape has been languishing on the To Do list for three months already – last week I decided it was time for action.

And so at 6.45am for the past few mornings I have been sitting in a very, very hot room with a bunch of strangers contorting my body into strange shapes in the name of hot yoga.

(With perfect timing a yoga studio has opened up just round the corner from home, offering a special introductory deal.)

Is it working? Well, I can only tell you how my muscles feel a couple of days into the 10-day trial – and that is sore. Really sore.
And as I must have sweated half my bodyweight during that time, I’ve either got a bad case of flu or I should be expecting good news when I next stand on the scales.

What is more, I’m also doing a very good job advertising hush as a pair of our cropped harem pants with a tank vest over a bra top - or even just a vest top - makes the perfect yoga outfit.

I should claim it as a business expense were it not for the fact that we’re currently out of stock of the cropped harem pants (although I should mention that we are getting more in next month if you wish to pre-order a pair).

And you really don't have to sit in a sauna with your foot tucked behind your ears to find an excuse to wear them…

Click here to see if there is a Yoga Haven near you.