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How I wear hush...

I can’t wait for summer. I say that every year, but this year it’s especially poignant because by the time the sun really starts to shine, I’ll have swapped my gigantic baby bump for a real, wriggling baby. I have to say that I have really enjoyed dressing for pregnancy (the Hush long-length tanks have been an absolute Godsend to cover the growing bump!) but I am looking forward to being able to fit back into my normal-sized clothes. I don’t see my style changing that much – for the most part I’ve always had quite an understated, classic look rather than anything ridiculously glamorous – but I can foresee that there will be a few necessary tweaks.

Long Length Tank

For a start, I’m guessing that for the first few weeks after the birth I’ll be in pyjamas. But I’m a strong believer in the idea that comfy does not have to mean slovenly! I usually layer various things over pyjama bottoms to give a more “luxe leisurewear” feel – this summer it’ll be my Stars pyjama bottoms with a raglan tee and a summer waterfall cardy for a touch of extra cosiness.

Left to right: Waterfall Cardi, L/S Raglan Tee, Stars PJ Bottoms

Once out of pyjamas (and into the garden to tan my legs) I’m thinking that separates are going to be the most convenient thing, as I’m intending to breastfeed. Last year I lived in my Marseilles shorts, so I’ll be pulling those out for another season, but I’m also rather tempted by the Zoe shorts which have a soft, stretchy waistband . The boyfriend and silk shirts are “easy access” but look incredibly stylish and I love the bright colours – I’ll definitely be layering those over my vest tops. I’m usually a “flats” girl rather than a “heels” girl in the summer – I like the simplicity of a good pair of sandals with a bright pedicure and sunkissed skin. Of course heels are always on the menu if it’s a night out somewhere special, but for the most part I find that sandals look the most chic when the weather is hot. Or plimsolls, or good old Converse if it’s a casual day…

From left to right: Boyfriend Shirt, Soft Cotton Vest, Zoe Shorts

Classic Silk Shirt in beetroot.

One of my staple summer wardrobe items is always the shirred maxi dress – these can be worn with or without straps (I always go for “with” as I have an absolute dread of accidentally pulling the top part down and revealing myself!) and I have quite the collection. I go for print rather than plain because the prints are always so flattering and pretty – this year it’s “Leaves” but I also have snakeprint and a gorgeous boat print from last year. Perfect to use for everything from beach cover-up to glamorous evening wear (add golden bangles and some seriously gemmed-up flats) they are just incredibly easy to wear. And cover a multitude of sins in the mid-torso region, which I have an inkling may come in handy over the next few months…


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