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How To Eat In

I love a good recipe book. I love looking through all the beautiful pictures and salivating over the combinations of ingredients.

I love leafing through the different sections and planning a special meal at home.

And then I love passing it to my husband to cook them for me!

No, seriously I am not a very good cook - too long spent living at home (where my mum did all the cooking) and then in Hong Kong (where I ate out a lot).

I also don't think I have the temperament for it. If a recipe calls for something to be cooked for two hours at 120C, I'm the kind of person who'll try to cook it for one hour at 240C.

But I love food - and the recipes in Adam Byatt's new book How Top Eat In (published today) are right up my culinary street.

Quite literally in fact because Adam is owner of Trinity (AA London Restaurant Of the Year and Time Out Local Restaurant Of the Year in 2007/8), which is conveniently situated at the end of our road!

The sub-title of the book is 'Cooking At Home For Family And Friends' and it's all about making a night in extra special - which is exactly what we at hush are all about as well.

For instance, he has a recipe for shepherd's pie which (he admits) is a bit different from the standard recipe. It takes a bit more cooking, but the end result more than justifies the extra effort.

And his take on boiled eggs and soldiers is a goose egg with asparagus spears...

We have managed to get hold of four copies which Adam himself has signed (see below) to give away in our April competition, but if you're not lucky enough to win one, it would make a great present for a friend or, of course, for yourself.

Even if like me you don't get beyond looking at the pictures...and then calling Trinity to see if they've got a table free.