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Hultquist Jewellery

Denmark is very ‘in’ at the moment, boasting the world’s ‘best’ restaurant in Noma, the best foreign language film at this year’s Oscars In A Better World, the hit crime drama The Killing (currently keeping BBC4’s audience transfixed) and some of the world’s top designers.

So, I would like to pretend that it is my unerring eye for great design and finger on the fashion pulse that led us to stock a range of Danish jewellery for the first time this season, but the truth of how we came across Hultquist is a lot more prosaic than that.

A customer of ours is also the UK rep for the jewellery and, thinking that their range of might be quite a good fit for us, left her card at the office when she dropped by to collect an order.

I’m not sure I had any great expectations when I went onto the company’s website, but I was really taken by the simplicity of a lot of the pieces and the fact that you could wear them together – a bit like layering for your arm!

I also liked the story behind the company – the fact that it was founded by Anne Hultquist while she was still in her early 20s, the emphasis on creating designs that are a bit different, the premium on affordable quality.

Most importantly, however, I thought our customers would love it – and the speed with which we have sold our first shipment has proved that I was right about this (even if my forecasting left a bit to be desired).

Anyway, the good news is that we are due to get a second shipment today in good time, we hope, for Mother’s Day and are accepting orders online and over the phone now.

I was lucky enough to get to wear a lot after we had shot it in December and think that a lot of the designs (like the crystal bracelet) will come into their own in the summer because not only do they look great against a suntan but they are the perfect way to dress up one of our gorgeously simple summer dresses.

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