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hush book club - To Kill A Mockingbird

Last month, we started an online book club, fronted by Alex Heminsley from 60secondreviews and our second book is… To Kill A Mockingbird. 

With all the news stories around the publication of Go Set A Watchman (which well be talking about too), we’ve chosen Harper Lee’s original publication as this month’s hush book club read. 

Set in 1930s, it’s seen through the eyes of a small little girl, Scout, as she’s looking at what’s going on in her Southern American town. There’s a black man in the town who’s been accused of the rape of a local white woman, and it’s sort of a courtroom drama but also a family drama because we’ve got her dad, Atticus, who’s the lawyer, and then her siblings, friends and we’re looking at the whole town as well.

Worth noting: it’s quite a short book, and it’s got a nice pace and a real readability so if you haven’t read it before, you could probably get through it in a couple of days.

Whether you read it at school and fancy revisiting it, or are reading it for the first time - pick up a copy and get reading! To Kill A Mockingbird will be reviewed on Thursday 27th August.

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