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I Give It A Year

It’s always dangerous recommending films you've watched in the plane - you tend to check in your critical faculties with your luggage before embarking on a 24-hour flight.

In fact, by the time I came back from Australia at the beginning of this week, my cinematic taste had extended as far as Thai romcom – and, believe me, you have to be desperate for something to divert you (or Thai) to watch The Bedside Detective.

So, I realise that I Give It A Year might not win any Oscars (but comedies very rarely do) and is unlikely to be the Official Selection at Cannes this or any other year – but I do recall laughing out loud a few times somewhere over Indonesia.

The pedigree of the film is impeccable – it’s produced by the same people who brought us Four Weddings and Love Actually and written and directed by the writer of Borat.

So you would expect it to be funny – and it is. Or at least it was 18 hours into a flight.

The film focuses on the first year of marriage of seemingly mismatched couple - high flying Nat (Rose Byrne, of Damages fame) and struggling writer Josh (Rafe Spall), who meet at a party, fall in love and get married after a whirlwind romance only to find that maybe they shouldn't be together.

Anyway, as I said, it's not going to be endlessly dissected by Film Studies groups, it doesn't redefine the genre and it's probably not going to take pride of place on its stars' resumes.

But it's entertaining and at times laugh out loud funny. Or at least it was at 36,000 feet...