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The question I probably get asked most about hush: What’s it like working with your husband?

It's a source of fascination to many other couples that we sit opposite each other all day and then go home together in the evening. The answer is that (apart from the fact he always thinks he’s right) it works fine. 

However, I do always qualify that by saying it has never really been tested by a really bad period at work. We've been lucky so far and I’m sure, if hush was going through a really difficult time, it would put our relationship under a fair bit of stress.

You only need to watch Danish film Inheritance to see what managing a company in crisis can do to a relationship.

At the beginning of the film, Cristoffer is living a seemingly idyllic life running a restaurant in Oslo with his Swedish actress girlfriend Maria. Then his father dies – and he is called back home by his mother to take charge of the family’s (failing) steel company.

What follows is a thoughtful – and, it seemed to me, realistic – play on Cristoffer’s conflicting sense of duty, responsibility and also the attraction of power.

Time and again at the beginning, he promises Maria that he will return to their life in Oslo, but he is unable (and unwilling) to let go and as the film progresses we see the emergence of a very different side of his character.

Although it's easy to see him (as he probably does himself) as trapped in this new life, the film is more subtle than that and it's clear that he is a willing prisoner as well.