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I'm very particular about the fragrances that I like, so it has taken over a year to create our new home fragrance range with four bespoke scents available as candles, diffusers and/or linen and room spray. A lot more if you include our signature scent, which we developed many years ago. Below I share some of the background to the scents - how and why we chose them - but of course words can never adequately describe an aroma. For that, you'll need to try them...

Rose and Cassis

If you love scents that are clean and fresh and have a zing to them, this is the candle for you. It’s my personal favourite and was inspired in part by a little flower called  Daphne. Daphne isn’t much to look at but its smell is amazing, so much so that in Korea it's called churihyang ("the 1,000 mile scent"). The shrub is relatively small, but when it's in bloom you can smell the flower from a long way away, although 1,000 miles might be pushing it! It's not very common, possibly because it's difficult to grow, which is why we didn’t call the fragrance Daphne & Cassis. But we had a plant in our garden when I was a young girl and I've never forgotten the scent. When I moved to the UK I discovered Lily of the Valley and honeysuckle and fell in love with those too.

Fig and Blackberry Leaf

If you asked everyone you could find that works with candles “What’s the most popular scent, the best seller, the sure thing?", the answer would always be Fig. I am among the fig lovers and I wasn’t about to leave this undisputed favourite out of our mix; but we like to think our fig is a little special - it’s a delicious fusion of juicy figs and forest fruits ripe for picking coupled with the aroma of freshly cut summer flowers. Coconut adds a creamy but not overpowering sweetness. So if you’re looking for a gift, be it for yourself or some other lucky person, and you’re not sure what scent to buy, this is sure to please.

Pomegranate and Peppercorn

When you’re tucked up by a crackling fire on a cold winter’s night listening to the rain beat down outside, this is the candle you'll want to light. Like the pomegranate fruit with its ruby red, jewel like seeds this fragrance is rich and sensual.  Made up of tantalizing sharp berries and incense, smoky florals (like Indonesian patchouli) coupled with raspberry and rhubarb, it’s distinctive and smoky. It also happens to be my sister’s favourite scent, so that’s her Christmas/birthday presents sorted for the next 10 years.

Signature Scent

When hush was in its infancy, we worked with a perfumier to create a unique fragrance that would encapsulate the hush lifestyle. Our aim was to create an intriguing, luxurious aroma that our customers would associate with the excitement of receiving a hush parcel and trying on the clothes for the first time. It was never intended for release but became the much sought after among hush fans. “Is it the smell of the paper, the smell of the fabric?” - and over the years people had started to ask more and more about whether they could buy this mystery smell. The perfume, which uses materials that smell abstract, lending itself particularly well to personal interpretations and language, is now finally available in bottled form, with pride of place at the heart of our new home fragrance range.

You can shop our home fragrance range here or view some images from our press launch, below: