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The Oscar ceremony happens much later in the year in our house, generally because we have to wait until the films come out on DVD before we get to see the ones that have been nominated.

It's also a more low-key affair – no red carpet, no golden statuettes, no tearful speeches and no-one to fill my seat if I need to go for what I believe our American friends call a comfort break.

Instead, it normally takes the form of me turning to my husband and saying, “That was a lot better than the one we saw last night.”

And so [opens envelope] to the winner of this year's award. Juno.
Yes, I know many of you will have seen it months ago when it was in the cinema, but it's new to the rest of us.

And much more enjoyable, I thought, than No Country For Old Men which we had watched the night before, however good Javier Bardem is. (See The Sea Inside).

I think the reason Juno didn't win is that it's a comedy and Oscar voters don't seem to have a sense of humour or not one they want anyone to know about.

I can't remember a single film that would be classed as a comedy that has won the Best Picture Oscar (unless you include Forrest Gump and maybe Titanic!)

Anyway, Juno's a comedy about a teenaged girl who gets pregnant and decides to give her baby up for adoption to a couple she finds through the classified ads.

It's in the mould of Little Miss Sunshine (last year's Oscar non-winning comedy) – maybe not quite as funny, but well acted, wittily scripted and reassuringly non-sentimental.

Well worth seeing if you haven't already...