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Unwind with...Karine from BODIE & FOU

How did BODIE and FOU come about? 
Despite a five year gap, my sister Elodie and I are really close and we've always wanted to do something together. So six years ago, Elodie challenged me to make it happen and we launched online concept store BODIE and FOU to offer cool modern styling for the home and unique home accessories and gifts. This Autumn, we are also launching our first mail order catalogue!

How do you relax/switch off? 
I need the sun and the beach to really slow down so nothing beats staying in our holiday home near the Bay of Arcachon in France and having friends and family around. Saying that, we're not exactly a 'relaxing-type' family so we will go sailing, cycling, running and try different things. Last Summer, we spent 2 weeks on a 7 meter boat with no bathroom so we had to go to the Harbour each morning but it meant that Mila's first call of action in the morning was to jump in the sea rather than turning on the TV....and then of course visiting Steve's family in New-Zealand at Christmas. This year I'm planning to learn how to surf on Waihi beach.

Favourite book? 
I hardly have time to read during the year but on holidays I will probably pick up the latest Douglas Kennedy at the airport and one self-development book. Last year I really enjoyed reading Stay Positive!: It's All a Matter of Attitude by Elwood N. Chapman

Favourite film?
The Piano by Jane Campion which I watched over a dozen times when studying for my Master in Film & Television Studies but I really love a movie that will make me burst out laughing like The Hangover by Todd Phillips.

Favourite blog/website? 
Mine first because I post everything that inspires me, places, people and of course decorating ideas so if I'm after something, I know exactly where to find it but I regularly read Decor8Vosges Paris and A Cup of Jo.

What’s your guilty pleasure? 
Watching a romantic comedy on Sunday afternoon with Mila, my 6 years-old daughter while Steve is watching rugby downstairs....that is called marital bliss!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?  
When you run your own business, there is no such a thing as time off. You always care, you always want to make sure that everyone is happy with the services and products they receive from the company you worked hard to create and the first four years of the business, I worked incredibly hard and very late in the night. Steve kept telling me: "Stop working late at night, make time for our family, learn to switch off". Eventually, little by little, I made some changes. First I stopped working at weekends, then in the evening and this year I've achieved not to work during our holidays and it felt incredibly good and invigorating.

What are you listening to at the moment? 
Black Eyed Peas very loud in the car, Vanessa Paradis when I run and Adele to chill out.

What would you save from a fire?
First my daughter Mila and our Australian Shepherd Lucas then Mila's first doudous (soft toys), her first pink converse and her drawings. I think I could replace or change anything else in our home except these little things from the first years of Mila's childhood.

Karine is the co-founder of Bodie and Fou and her interiors and lifestyle blog is a daily-read here at the hush office.