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Kick Ass Women On Instagram

With April being our month of well-being, feeling good on the inside helps us to look good on the outside. There are many health benefits to exercising including improving your mood and energy as well as the physical benefits on the body itself.

We've chosen four inspirational kick-ass women that motivate us on Instagram ;

1. @balletbeautiful 

Founder of Ballet Beautiful, Mary Helen Bowers, is a professional Ballerina, business woman and mum. Check out her account for lots of ballet inspired strength exercises as well as one or two cute mother and baby pics.

2. @kayla_itsines 

She may be small but don’t be fooled. She is amazingly strong and inspires women all over the world to get lean and fit. 

3. @toneitup  

Two gorgeous ladies taking us through accessible workouts, beachy beauty and fashion advice as well as tasty recipes for optimum health. This is a beautiful account of gorgeous Californian imagery and a dreamy lifestyle.

4. @kinoyoga

International Yoga teacher, author and inspirational speaker, Kino has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and it shows… she’s technically perfect and concise in her teaching.