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Knockout nails

Last week, in preparation for our office Christmas party, we asked nail artist Cherrie Snow to do all our nails with our FNUG nail polish. Here are three looks that you can try at home during the Christmas party season.

Look 1: Glitter Fade

Apply two coats of dark polish. Apply the glitter polish onto a make-up sponge and lightly dab on the nail. Build the intensity at the tip of the nail to give the 'fade' effect. 

Clean up any polish on the skin with a concealer brush dipped in nail polish remover.

Look 2: Stars

Apply two coats of nude polish. Create stars in a contrasting colour using a striper brush. Apply light, consistent pressure to ensure straight lines. Paint the stars coming off the nail to give more of a 'print' effect.

Look 3: Art Deco/Geometric

First apply two thin coats of gold polish over the entire nail. In nude polish, paint a diagonal line, using a striper brush, from the left base of the nail to the middle right side of the nail. Fill in the base area to create a nude triangle. 

In a contrasting deep polish, paint another diagonal line from the left tip of the nail to meet the middle right side of the nail. Fill in to form a dark triangle at the tip. 

See more of Cherrie's nail designs on her website.