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Kurt Geiger sneakers

It's been such a long time since I've been out shopping for myself that when I hit the shops last weekend I went a bit spend-crazy.

I'm still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight (let alone the weight I'd like to be), so I didn't buy that much in the way of clothes because (hopefuly) what I would have bought won't fit me in a couple of months.

But I figure my shoe size isn't going to change any time soon - so taking pride of place among my purchases was a pair of these beautiful silver Kurt Geiger trainers.

At £99 a pair, they're not cheap (nor ruinously expensive) - but
I reckon they're worth every penny, although I've probably spent more time admiring mine than actually wearing them.

This particular style is called LILY and comes in three different colours - bone, gold and silver (which for those of you who care about such things is very 'in' this summer).

I used to work for adidas in a previous life and for years have had real problems buying non-adidas trainers.

I still can't bring myself to buy Nike, but I was very happy to make an exception for these.