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Had Hitchcock been French and preferred his heroines brunette rather than blonde, then this enjoyable French comic thriller is perhaps the film he would have made.

It certainly has many of the traits of, say, a Vertigo – a leading man obsessed by an ex-love, his quest to find her diverted by another woman, chance meetings and (more importantly) non-meetings...

In this instance, it is Max (Vincent Cassel) doing the pursuing, a high flying executive who abandons his fiancée and his job when he overhears his lost love (Monica Bellucci) speaking in a phone booth next door (in the days when they still had phone booths).

His hunt takes her to an apartment where he saves a girl from suicide only to find that it is not Lisa but a friend of hers called Alice, who (unknown to Max) is dating his friend Lucien.

The real Lisa is meanwhile avoiding the apartment to try to escape the attentions of her rich lover...

You get the idea – but it’s well played, has lots of style and is definitely one that’s worth curling up on the sofa in front of on a Friday night.