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How Mandy wears hush

Mandy's style

We pinned down hush Creative Director and Founder, Mandy, to ask her about how she wears hush. Read on for more about the hush feel, her style, and a hot tip about next season's collection... 

Hush is designed for women who want a relaxed, stylish and wearable wardrobe. The pieces are versatile, they can be worn with heels, trainers, a favourite pair of jeans, out to lunch or lounging at home. It’s all about stylish versatility and ease.

I would describe my style as relaxed; I like to look well put together without seeming like I’ve tried too hard. I’m interested in what’s in fashion but I only ever wear what suits me and if it’s not comfortable, forget it. 

I love layers and think they work best when you have a tonal colour palette and different textures. My basic layering rules are light to dark working from the body out (i.e. the base layer is the lightest colour and the outermost layer the darkest). I like low necks as I think they make me look taller and I will often wear a vest under a V neck to show a pop of colour. I like to layer tops to show a hint of a contrasting colour at the hem. I prefer my sleeves rolled or pushed up as I like a more relaxed look and think a bit of skin always looks great.

Burgundy Spot Scarf

I love scarves partly because I’m always cold but also because I think they can transform an outfit. A pop of colour, interesting texture, a beautiful print or a hint of sparkle can turn something from ordinary to extraordinary.

I tend to go for understated jewellery, l have a silver  watch  which I love and rarely take off. I have a very simple diamond pendant necklace that I wear most days along with diamond stud earrings.  When I want something more fun or colourful I wear the hultquist jewellery. Their bracelets look great worn together and the bright colours look fantastic with a tan.

Jersey blazer

I wear lots of t-shirts and I therefore love jackets as I think they are a great way to smarten up a casual look. I have the hush jersey jacket in every colour we’ve ever made.

Like many women I’m often in jeans, dress up, dress down they are incredibly versatile and irresistible as a result. We have designed a pair of boyfriend jeans for  hush which we will be launching next summer and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

Dresses are my idea of the ultimate in ease, to put just one item of clothing on and be dressed is something I find incredibly appealing.

What do you wear with your hush pieces? Tweet us @hushhomewear with the hashtag #myhush and you might appear in our next newsletter! 

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