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Mandy's tips for designing a pyjama print

This month we’ve collaborated with Glamour Magazine to offer you the chance to design a pair of our pyjamas and here are some tips from Mandy to give you a head start...

Avoid a print with an obvious top and bottom. When the fabric’s cut, it’s usually cut both ways to reduce fabric wastage. We don’t want to have to do a handstand to show off your beautiful design.

Avoid red. I love red and would love to be able to use red in our pyjama designs, but it is notoriously hard to make colourfast and none of us wants to be responsible for turning white sheets pink!

Don’t make the print too big or too busy. The former is unflattering, the latter is, well, too busy. You can use geometric shapes, asymmetrical shapes, stripes. Just think about the proportions.

Remember your target customer. You are designing for sophisticated grown-up women with an interest in fashion. The typical hush customer, in other words...

Be original. We all are influenced by things we see, but your design must be original and not infringe anyone else’s copyright.

Finally, for the winning entry we’ll need colour references to match against. It can be fabric, a piece of paper, anything that matches the colours of your design. So please bear this in mind in case you’re lucky enough to be chosen...

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