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Molecule 01

Never having been a teenage shoplifter, I can count the number of times I have been chased down the road by a shop assistant on the fingers of, well, one finger.

So I was a little surprised last weekend when I was accosted on the street by a girl from a store I had just visited wanting to know not what was in my bag but what perfume I was wearing.

And she wasn't the first person that day to ask me the same thing - which is why I thought I'd better share the secret with you all.

It's called Molecule 01 and technically it's not a perfume at all but a solitary synthetic scent called Iso E Super, which as I can attest has a pheremone effect.

Anyway, enough of the science - I bought mine from Coco Ribbon a couple of months ago and I have had numerous compliments on it ever since.

(Everyone, it seems, has noticed except - bless him - my husband who's not the most observant of men when it comes to such things.)
And for those of you who care about these things, the likes of Kate Moss and Madonna are reported to be big fans.

In fact, I'd recommend Molecule 01 to anyone - except perhaps a shoplifter.