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drink anywhere: moscow mule

Whether you find yourself in need of refreshment on a hot, motionless summer’s day or in need of a reminder that the season isn’t over as the rain washes away your dream of a British beach holiday basking in the sun, this cocktail will do the trick.

30ml fresh lime
50ml vodka
2 tsp Thoncroft Pink Ginger Cordial
Sparkling water to fill

Usually made with ginger beer and lime cordial, the fresh lime and ginger cordial give it a sharper, more modern taste. Enough gingery heat to pack a punch, counteracted by insistently summery lime is enough to make your mouth water. A drink that tastes just as good with no alcohol in it -a rare find!

Mix the first three ingredients in a tall, thin tumbler. Add 4 ice cubes. Top with sparkling water, stir, add a slice of fresh lime and serve. For the non-alcoholic version omit the vodka.

NB Lime and ginger go well with coriander and cumin, so this is also a great drink if you’re enjoying a spicy tagine or Thai curry with friends.

Recipe from How To Drink by Victoria Moore