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Muddy Cook

There are some ideas that are so simple and so obvious that one wonders why no-one has done it before.

When Paul McCartney first came up with the tune for the Beatles classic, Yesterday, for instance, it seemed so familiar to him that he initially believed he was humming a song that already existed.

And Muddy Cook is just such an idea – a website that allows you to create your own perfect mix of muesli.

We muesli lovers are a fussy bunch – for instance, I'm normally a Southern Alps No.1 girl, but it is often hard to track down and No.2 nor No.3 just don't float my breakfast boat in the same way.

Which is where Muddy Cook comes in. You choose your own base from a selection of 10 – from Just Oats for the purist to Tahiti Gluten Free for the more exotic tastebuds.

And then you add your own extras – grains, cereals, fruits, nuts, berries, seeds and other (mainly organic) goodies - until you have a mix that is perfectly tailored to your taste.

If you're not feeling creative or don't trust your judgement, there are a number of recipe suggestions with names like The Child Within, Lo-Gee-Eye, Persian Green and Chocolate Box.

Or you could try Mandy's Mix - The Alps base with macadamia nuts, sun-dried banana, mango pieces and green raisins.

It's as simple and easy as that – and a couple of days later 750g of muesli arrives in a personalised bag at your front door.

I'm just cross I didn't think of it first...