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Murder One

I feel like I've spent the first few months of 2011 in hibernation. Well, up to the time the weather cheered up and outside started to look a nicer place to be than inside.

I always find January and February the hardest months to get through on this side of the world and I rely on New Year's Resolutions, my hush pyjamas, the promise of a summer holiday and few good DVD box sets to get me through to spring.

This year, it's been an almost nightly diet of American legal dramas - The Good Wife, Damages (of which more at a later date) and most recently Murder One.

We are currently six episodes through the second series. Our lawyer hero has already got his first client off a charge of murdering the governor of California; he has slept with the dead governor's wife, forced the new governor to resign before taking office, has a basketball star accused of murdering his coach as a second client and is just about to go to bed with one of his juniors.

So you get the idea. It's perhaps not the most cerebral stuff, but it's highly entertaining and a very good way to spend those long winter nights.